Hello, World!

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There are two types of people in the world: those that code, and those that don’t. I said that! Quote me. My name is Kevin and I’m one of the ones that codes. 

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked as a web and mobile Software Developer. Android, iOS, AS3, and everything LAMP stack, to name a few. These days I mainly work with PHP and JavaScript. My go-to frameworks are currently Laravel and Vue. Over the years I’ve done too many projects that I didn’t bother to track, complete, or share. 

Enter this blog..

The goal of this blog is to track my development progress, share ideas, and learn new things in the process. With this blog, I’ll mainly code in PHP, Laravel, Angular, and Vue. Those are the things that I’m excited to code in. 

My posts will cover a wide range of topics: managing projects, managing clients, managing teams, and communicating specifications effectively, and of course coding stuff. And probably TDD, because I am obsessed with it. And I mean.. who isn’t? 

I am a big consumer of written programming content. Converting book examples in different languages to PHP code is something that I often do. I’m very excited to start this new journey, even if it’s just me and my dog reading the blogs. Because science!